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Pinhole Gum Graft Surgery

You’d be surprised by the amount of people who experience gum recession in their lifetime. Gum recession can create serious oral complication if left untreated. Before the arrival of the Pinhole Surgical Technique, there was only one treatment for gum recession: the grafting of donor tissue onto the gum line. This procedure is time-consuming and painful.

Currently, people have a better choice for their gum recession treatment. Pinhole Gum Graft Dental Surgery in Murrieta helps the patients restore the gum line without sutures or incisions. This technique is less time-consuming, painless and it takes only a few minutes to complete the procedure, and the result is always satisfactory and lasting.

Is Pinhole Gum Grafting for You?

If you go for traditional treatments, the dentist will use soft or donor tissue grafts to rebuild the gum line. This procedure is effective, but it will demand time and you will have to go through a painful procedure for achieving the result. In Pinhole Surgical Technique, a needle will be used to create a small hole in your existing gum tissues. With this procedure, the dentist will use specific instruments to gently loosen your gum tissue and the expanded tissue will cover the exposed root structure. This is a natural procedure. Incisions, graft, or sutures are not required in pinhole gum graft dental surgery. This technique simply does adjustments with the existing gum tissue.

Benefits of the Pinhole Gum Graft Dental Surgery

There are many benefits of the Pinhole Gum Graft Pinhole Dental Surgery. It is less time consuming, painless and natural procedure. Some of the other benefits of the Pinhole Surgical Technique are given below.

  • Simple and painless procedure
  • You will not experience more discomfort after the treatment
  • Less time consuming and faster recovery than the traditional procedure
  • Involvement of any invasive surgical tools is not required
  • No need of donor tissues
  • It offers excellent and lasting results
  • Gives natural looks
  • Charges the same price like the traditional grafting

Why Choose Us?

Pinhole Gum Graft Dental Surgery in Murrieta offers all the facilities to make the patients comfortable and to offer them the best service. We have experience in this dental industry. Our dentists have experience and expertise to deal with multiple oral issues. We offer all the dental solutions such as cleaning, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, and dental restoration.

Customer’s comfort is our first priority. Our service takes utmost care of customer’s interest. We help the customer with all the relevant information about the clinical procedure. Moreover, we have experience in dealing with pinhole gum graft dental surgery. We offer emergency services. Our staffs are always available to answer all your queries. We offer easy payment options. Our service is affordable as well.

If you are experiencing gum recession contact us today to get an appointment. Any delay can create a complication for your oral health. We will offer you an affordable and comfortable service. The procedure will be less time consuming and painless. Pinhole gum graft dental surgery can resolve your gum issues naturally and comfortably within a couple of minutes.

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