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Permanent Dentures

denturesYour smile is the first thing people notice about you when they meet you. As you get older, more and more problems with that smile may be presented throughout the years. Edentulism-the complete loss of the top and/or bottom teeth-is a major problem among older adults. In fact, it's estimated to affect tens of millions of Americans today. Andrew Tibbitts DDS in Murrieta can be your one stop dentist in Murrieta for easy and efficientpermanent dentures in Murrieta.

Andrew Tibbitts DDS Dentist in Murrieta specializes inpermanent dentures dental implants in Murrieta. Choosing our permanent dentures means you will be getting the whole package of new, bright and perfectly functioning teeth. Without having the need to replace, clean or take out the dentures, permanent dentures are the most convenient and best looking option for you to regain your smile and chewing functionality.

Our permanent dentures in Murrieta consist of high quality denture teeth that offer high levels of durability, stain resistance and a natural look. Our permanent dentures implants are made to fit you and your jaw perfectly, preserve remaining bone and maintain the integrity of your facial structure. They are also made to remove the need for dangerous adhesives and retain mouth functionality, including the top of the mouth, taste differences and hot and cold differences in foods and drinks.

You no longer have to be wary of what you eat or what you drink. With Andrew Tibbitts DDS' Permanent Dentures in Murrieta, you can have the luxury of eating what you want, when you want without any of the stress.

Create a new you with a new, efficient and beautiful smile. Contact us to make an appointment for our Permanent Dentures in Murrieta. Click here or call: (951) 677-5113.

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