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Fluoride Treatment in Murrieta

girl-sealantWhen it comes to candy, is your child’s sugar consumption hurting more than it’s helping? Everyone knows that consuming candy and sugar can eat away at the enamel of your child’s teeth and even cause cavities and tooth decay. With Halloween fast approaching, it’s important to consider the oral health of children and how you can help them have stronger teeth.

Fluoride treatment can help work to strengthen your child’s enamel and fight future decay. This could save you hundreds of dollars in expensive dental work down the line. Flossing and brushing on a regular basis is important for children, but so is preventative measures. Read on to find out how Fluoride Treatment in Murrieta may be able to make your child’s teeth stronger.

Fluoride Treatment for Children

Fluoride treatment for children: what is it and how does it work? Fluoride is a chemical agent that is one of the most effective ways to fight and prevent tooth decay. It is actually a mineral and is found in varying amounts naturally in almost all foods and water supplies. Ever since the benefits of fluoride for oral health have been discovered, it has been used to strengthen teeth for children, with several public schools offering this treatment for kids in classrooms.

The benefits have been well-researched and supported for over 50 years and are endorsed by multiple health bureaus today. Fluoride treatment is already used in products like toothpaste to help fight tooth decay. Children take flavored cups of fluoride and swish it around their mouths, spitting it out after a period of time. This is because topical fluoride works to strengthen the teeth because it seeps into the tooth enamel’s outer surface, helping make it stronger and resistant to decay.

Many cities benefit from fluoride already thanks to its inclusion in readily available dental products like mouth rinses, gels, and toothpaste. Many dentists, as well as dental hygienists, recommend that kids have professional fluoride applications twice a year in addition to their annual checkups at the dental office. This is because fluoride is highly beneficial.

Systemic fluoride helps external teeth and those still developing under the gums. Typically, most of us get systemic fluoride from the foods that make up our diet in addition to community water. It can also come in a drop or gel supplement or prescribed and applied by a dentist or physician. The drops are usually used for infants, while the tablets are good for children in their teen years.

Although fluoride can be very helpful, sometimes the application alone is not enough help in the process of fighting decay. In addition, too much fluoride used can cause fluorosis, a condition that results in white areas on the tooth.

Your child may need fluoride if they have:

  • Deep pits, fissures on teeth chewing surfaces
  • Exposed, sensitive root surfaces
  • Lack of brushing
  • A lot of sugar and carbs in the diet
  • Dental decay in history
  • Not enough saliva flow (medical condition)

Fluoride treatments should be practiced alongside dental habits and are not a replacement! Remember to encourage your children to eat well and cut down on sugar in order to ensure healthier teeth for years to come. Contact our dental office in Murrieta today at 951-677-5113!

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