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Digital Dental X-Rays

digital-dental-x-raysWhen you visit the dentist, you want immediate results. Digital Dental X-Rays are one of the latest advanced dental technologies, allowing dentists to see the condition of your oral health right away. You might be used to conventional x-rays that have to be sent off and developed before being examined. By contrast digital x-rays are captured and sent directly to the computer, ready to be viewed only a few seconds after being taken. These x-rays can then be enhanced and enlarged in order for you to receive the best possible diagnosis. They are also easily transferable, and can be emailed to different specialists, technicians, and insurance companies. Digital X-rays are much safer than conventional x-rays because they provide all the information we need and use up to 90% less radiation. While the probable stray radiation is nearly non-existent, we still provide all patients with a lead apron to ensure their safety.

Benefits of Digital X-Rays

Digital Dental x-rays in Murrieta allow us to examine the inside of your teeth and beneath your gums. This lets us see any problems that may arise in their earliest stages before you even start experiencing symptoms. We will be able to detect any areas of tooth decay, bone damage (gum disease), or dental injuries. We are able locate an abscess, cyst, or possible tumors. Digital x-rays also help us develop the best treatment plan for more complicated procedures such as root canals, dental implants, and tooth extraction. They can even assist in planning orthodontic treatment for teeth that are misaligned. When wisdom teeth have not yet erupted from the gums, digital x-rays determine their exact location, along with the location of other un-erupted teeth in children and adults.

How Often Do You Need to Take Digital X-Rays?

How often digital x-rays are needed depends greatly on the oral health of each individual patient. Necessary x-rays are recommended after conducting a dental exam, recording any symptoms the patient is experiencing, and reviewing each patient's medical/dental history. For first time patients a full mouth series of x-rays is recommended. These x-rays are good for up to five years, however Bite-Wing x-rays are recommended up to twice a year to detect any new dental issues. Bite-wing are x-rays of the top and bottom teeth that are biting together, having these done regularly ensures your best dental care possible.

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