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Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatment is considered as the most effective agent that is available for preventing tooth decay Fluoride is a mineral that is naturally present in the varying amounts in every food and water supplies. This mineral helps in strengthening the enamel of teeth by replacing it with nutrients that might vanish over time. Dr. TibbittsFluoride treatment in Murrieta can help in bringing back the minerals as it repairs the rip of the teeth enamel and with the use of fluoride on teeth, it can become resilient to acid and it also assist in avoiding tooth decay later. This treatment is most appropriate for children with poor oral hygiene, fissures on chewing surfaces of teeth, frequent carbohydrate or sugar intake, recent history of dental decay, inadequate exposure to fluorides and inadequate saliva flow due to medications, medical treatments and medical conditions.

Fluoride Treatment for Children

fluorideFluoride treatment in Murrieta is generally given to kids with teeth cavities and higher chances of having tooth decay. This is a very effective treatment that is mostly used for kids as their teeth development start early in their childhood years. This treatment is an added safety for kids and it also prevents chances of cavities and tooth decay in children. It is most appropriate for children with history of oral cavities and higher chances of decay in children, fluoride mouthwashes are very beneficial. Even children between the ages of six months to sixteen years can use fluoride supplements as they intake minimal amount of fluoride in their food and fluids.

Children as well as adults can make use of the fluoride treatment for preventing tooth cavities and decay of tooth. The fluoride treatment will help in re-depositing the minerals that are lost from the tooth enamel as it will help in preventing tooth decay. This treatment is also very effective in preventing acidic attack because of intake of sugar and it also prevents plaque formation that might cause germs to build inside the mouth area. Fluoride treatment is most appropriate option for children and adults who faces different kind of dental problems but it is most important for children below the age of six. This treatment is very beneficial for children so that their permanent sets of teeth are not affected and they can have healthy teeth and gums.

Why is Fluoride Treatment Needed?

In children, the chances of tooth decay and cavities are very high because of intake of sugary items and junk foods and hence fluoride treatment can help in taking proper care of their teeth. This treatment can prevent tooth decay and cavities in children who make use of fluoride polish and supplements for their teeth. It is the best way of dealing with different kinds of dental problems so that future problems can be prevented. This treatment aids in the reduction of the tooth decay in children and adults but the right candidate for the treatment is any individual or children with teeth corrosion. It offers the benefits of providing healthy teeth and gums to children and adults by preventing tooth decay and cavities.

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