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Dental Cleanings and Prevention in Murrieta

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The average adult should visit their dentist at least twice a year. If you can't remember the last time that you had a cleaning, that's okay! Your local Murrieta dentist is here to help. Not only can visiting a dental hygienist help you get cleaner teeth, it will prevent disease and damage to not only your teeth, but your mouth and gums as well. Having good hygiene starts at home, so it's important to avoid eating too much sugar and always brush and floss before going to bed. Eat healthy foods and maintain your diet and oral hygiene and you're sure to set yourself up for success.

See how dental cleanings and seeing your dental hygienist in Murrieta can help you!

Dental Cleanings & Prevention in Murrieta

Tooth Cleaning

Getting your teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist is imperative when it comes to maintaining oral health! Getting teeth cleaning by a professional will get rid of any hard mineral build-up on your teeth and is a great way to prevent gum disease. Gum disease can be a very difficult problem to treat and it's best to prevent it before it starts. While many children and even adults have a disinclination or fear of going for a tooth cleaning, it's actually very painless. Not only does this clean your teeth and help with oral hygiene, but it also makes it possible to diagnose any issues with your teeth, determine how often you should be brushing, and help fix anything that needs to be addressed with the teeth, mouth, or gums. Part of proper oral care is not only brushing or flossing, but seeing the dentist so that you can get your teeth cleaned. If it's been over a year since you last saw a dentist, you could be risking having serious problems developing that will get worse as they go untreated.


We are changing the way that x-rays are done by ditching the conventional x-ray and moving to digital! Digital x-rays have many benefits, including the ability to quickly be processed and show up on the computer, ready to be examined. They are much quicker than traditional x-rays, which must be sent off to be processed. This sophisticated technology allows you dentist to carefully look at the state of your mouth and confirm any issues that they think are going on with your mouth, teeth, or gums and put a treatment plan into action.


What are sealants? Essentially, sealants are thin layers made of clear or white plastic that are applied to stave off further decay of a tooth as well as cavities. Sealants are very effective barriers and usually quite painless to apply. They do a world of good and fill in fissures and other spots on the teeth that are vulnerable to becoming worse.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatment is also something that may happen during your cleanings. Fluoride reinforces the teeth and helps to make them strong. Fluoride occurs naturally in foods and water and is necessary to remineralize the tooth when other processes are constantly pulling minerals from it. Too much demineralization and the tooth starts to decay. Reinforce your teeth and prevent decay by getting fluoride treatments at your local dentist.

Eating well and maintaining proper oral health is a good start, but you also need to visit the dentist! Make an appointment with a dentist today and start taking care of yourself! Contact us or call: (951) 677-5113.