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Dental Bridges in Murrieta

Do you have missing teeth? Our dental bridges in Murrieta are the perfect alternative to dental implants. Bridges will make a "bridge" from one tooth to another, over the missing tooth. These bridges are permanent and comfortable. You'll feel like you have your old teeth back in no time!

A fixed bridge in Murrieta will be prescribed to you by your dentist when teeth or a single tooth is missing, and only when there are healthy and sturdy teeth on each side of the mouth to build the bridge upon. Andrew Tibbitts' Dental Bridges in Murrieta can be created from a wide variety of materials for your choosing, from pure gold which provides long wear and reliability, to porcelain material fused with a gold base for durability and aesthetics. We even can provide very strong porcelain material that is free of metal for ultimate cosmetic results. With suitable care, your new bridges in Murrieta will raise your overall confidence and encourage self-confidence for years to come!

Incredibly beautiful, natural and durable, Dr. Tibbitts DDS uses the very best dental bridges materials in Murrieta for an unsurpassed natural look. Only you and Dr. Tibbitts will know for sure! Create a new you with a new, efficient and beautiful smile. Contact us to make an appointment for our fixed bridges in Murrieta. Click here or call: (951) 677-5113.

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