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Brushing Teeth After Meals: Good or Bad?

Did you know that it’s not usually recommended to brush after eating meals? This is probably in contradiction with what you have known for a long time. Brushing your teeth immediately after eating foods that contain acids is something that will damage. According to a recent research, you are supposed to wait for at least half an hour before brushing your teeth after eating in Murrieta.

This helps you prevent enamel erosion caused by acid in your food. Acidic foods that you should look out for includes things like grapefruit, oranges and lemon. These foods contain a high amount citric acid. When you brush your teeth immediately after eating these foods, you are damaging your enamel!

Why you should not brush your teeth after meals

If you feel uncomfortable after eating acidic foods, you should clean your mouth using plain water. Water will help you move some of the food particles left in your mouth after eating. You should then wait for 30 minutes before brushing your teeth. If for some reason you can’t brush your teeth 30 minutes after, you should brush before eating acidic foods. This will help you avoid the damage that results when you brush your teeth too soon after consuming acidic foods.

For a long time, people believed that it was best to brush the teeth immediately after meals. This is something that was put into people’s mind by the dentist themselves. This new information changes everything. If you don’t want to have a problem with in future, you have no choice but break from the old habit off brushing the teeth immediately after eating. The 30 minutes period between a meal and brushing the teeth provides adequate time for neutralization. Since saliva is slightly basic, it will neutralize the acid that is in your mouth because of the acidic foods you just consumed. Brushing your teeth after eating in Murrieta must stop if you are serious about protecting your teeth.

Citric acid is not the only thing that you should be worried about when you want to prevent erosion of the enamel. Some soft drinks contain phosphoric acid. A prolonged exposure to phosphoric acid leads to tooth damage. This is because this acid has the power to erode the hard surface of the teeth. Remember, acid damage on the teeth is not something that can be reversed. Try to minimize acid damage by avoiding foods that that rich in acid and sugar. Snacking between meals should be minimized as well.

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