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Back to School Dental Tips in Murrieta

kid brushing teethBack to school time is finally here! As a parent, we have a lot on our check-lists to make sure our kids are ready for the new school year. Is their dental/oral health on your list as well?

With all the chaos of school registration and back to school shopping, sometimes we forget the importance of your child’s oral health. Check out some great back-to-school dental tips in Murrieta to add to your check-list!

Things to Consider for Your Child’s Dental Health

  1. Schedule a dental examination with us! The best way to check if your child’s dental health is in tip-top shape. Some dental issues are usually not noticed by parents or teachers. Our dental office in Murrieta is kid-friendly, so bring them on in! Some dental issues to expect, if any, could be possible cavity detection or fluoride treatment or dental sealants to prevent tooth decay as your child gets older.
  2. Encourage regular brushing and flossing. Have your children add to their schedule to make sure to brush at least every morning and every night, and floss at least once a day. Buying fluoride toothpaste is helpful to protect their teeth from tooth decay as they grow older. It’s recommended to change toothbrushes every three months, so buy a few toothbrushes at a time with you’re at the store. To help you remember, switch out the toothbrushes each time you receive a progress report from school!
  3. Pack Healthy Lunches and Snacks! Skipping out on the sugary drinks and snacks is a potential way to preserve the health of your children’s’ teeth. Some types of food to consider when packing lunches are whole grains and dairy products such as milk, yogurt and cheese, and raw veggies and fruit. If your child eats the lunches provided by the school, be sure to review all options to see if there are healthy, balanced food alternatives before the first day of school. Click here for a list of more snack suggestions!
  4. Have Properly-Fitted Mouthguards. If you’re child is going into an athletic program, it is important to make sure they have sports mouthguards to protect against possible damage. Make sure the mouthguards are comfortable and fit well to avoid irritation or looseness.

With regular check-ups, encouraged dental care at home, and a healthy diet, your child will be sure to have a happy and healthy smile for a very long time. Stay one step ahead of dental trouble by scheduling their next cleaning with us!

Get their smile ready for the new school year! Contact us today to schedule an appointment at (951) 677-5113 for our Back to School Dental Services in Murrieta!

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