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Having routine teeth cleanings is one of the best ways to maintain your oral health. It is recommended to you have a dental checkup/teeth cleaning twice a year. Dental checkups or teeth cleanings allow Dr. Tibbitts Dentist in Murrietato examine your teeth and gums to make sure your oral health is at it's best!

Teeth Cleaning Procedure

Having a professional teeth cleaning is one of the best ways to prevent gingivitis (gum disease). To began the teeth cleaning procedure one of our dental hygienists will scrape any tartar (hard mineral buildup) off your teeth with a small metal tool. The hygienist will then do a thorough floss of your teeth and apply a polishing compound. Cleanings shouldn't be painful depending on the condition of your oral health. If Dr. Tibbitts requests for x-rays, they might be taken before or after a cleaning. Either one of our hygienists or Dr. Tibbitts will go over the x-ray results with you, and address any cavities or teeth issues. The Hygienist might ask you about what types of foods you eat to make sure you are taking in enough nutrition for your dental health. They also might show you proper brushing and flossing habits. In certain cases Dr. Tibbitts might recommend antibiotics, or special mouthwashes depending on the condition of your oral health.

Routine Dental Cleanings or teeth cleaning are vital to your oral health. For starters it's difficult for us to clean/see the entirety of our mouths, and teeth cleanings allow us to have a thorough cleaning that we wouldn't be able to do ourselves. Dental cleanings are also key to identifying any health problems such as cavities and gum disease. Having your teeth cleaning in Murrieta is also very important in preventing tooth decay. At times a sealant might be applied to the chewing surface of your molars (or back teeth) to prevent cavities. The more routine you are with your teeth cleanings the better your oral health will become. Regular teeth cleanings will also teach you proper oral care habits.

Ways to Preserve Your Clean Teeth

Regular brushing and flossing is the main way to maintain your dental cleaning in between appointments. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles that allow you to reach all parts of your teeth and mouth. And replace your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months. Use a toothpaste that contains fluoride. Be sure to brush all services or your teeth and your tongue. Try to floss at least once a day, and eat a balanced diet. If you keep up with your teeth cleaning at home and routine dental cleanings, you'll have your best oral health.

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