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Dental Crowns Murrieta

Looking for a dentist in Murrieta to provide you with a same-day dental crown? Fix a cracked tooth or teeth discoloration withAndrew Tibbitts DDS' ceramic & porcelain dental crowns in Murrieta!


When teeth become damaged from issues such as tooth decay, cracking or breaking in an accident, they may be too damaged to be restored with a filling. The alternative option is that your teeth can instead be restored with our CEREC same-day dental crowns in Murrieta! Crowns are usually used on teeth recently undergone a root canal treatment, not to mention that dental crowns can also be put onto dental implants and act as brand new teeth. Crowns can be made of a variety of materials, ranging from pure gold to porcelain fused with a gold substrate for a strong foundation and a great look. However, with new advanced dental technology in Murrieta, our crowns can be made entirely from high-strength ceramic dental crowns and porcelain dental crowns for beautifulcosmetic dentistry results.

Incredibly beautiful, natural and durable, Dr. Tibbitts uses the very best dental crown materials in Murrieta for an unsurpassed natural look. Only you and Dr. Tibbitts will know for sure! Create a new you with a new, efficient and beautiful smile. Contact us to make an appointment for our Same-Day Dental Crowns by CEREC in Murrieta. Click here or call: (951) 677-5113.

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